January 25, 2014

2008: Jillian McDonald @ threewalls

Above: A guest views "The Sparkling," 2007, by Jillian McDonald, from the "Horror Stories" opening at threewalls, on April 4, 2008.
Jillian McDonald
"Horror Stories"
April 4 - May 10, 2008
119 N. Peoria Street
Chicago, IL



Jillian McDonald enjoyed a residency at threewalls in 2008, during which time "Horror Stories," a four-part, interactive video installation composed of: "The Sparkling" (shown above and below), "Vamp It Up," "TV = Evil," and "Everyone Will Suffer," was open to the public.

Images (1-2) April 4, 2008, at the public reception;
Copyright Paul E. Germanos.

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