January 23, 2014

2014: Jake Myers @ Tritriangle

Above: Joseph Ravens participating in "Stone Throw" during Jake Myers' opening reception on January 17, 2014; Tritriangle's Ryan T. Dunn at right.

Jake Myers
"Stone Throw"
January 17, 2014
1550 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL



"In the interactive installation 'Stone Throw,' Jake Myers re-creates an Olympic curling rink.  Along with a team of artists, Myers will invite gallery attendees to glide on synthetic ice, throw fabricated stones, and drink together in friendly competition.  This work celebrates the Myers' family tradition of curling at a rink in rural Illinois. In contrast with the sports that Myers experienced at school, which emphasized hyper-competition, physical intimidation, and at times even violence, the family curling experience provided a relaxing, but still athletic, retreat. Out on the ice, the family of competitors and teammates accomplished their goals with trust, luck, and displays of subtle physical skill."

Quotation above from: http://tritriangle.net/events/event/stone-throw-jake-myers/

Images (1-2) January 17, 2014, at the public reception;
Copyright Paul E. Germanos.

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