February 3, 2014

2014: Victoria Fu @ Document

Victoria Fu
"Crossbar Radical-Tick Scoop Star"
January 31 - March 8, 2014
845 W. Washington Boulevard
Chicago, IL



"This installation mixes video monitors, projection and photographs. 'Belle Captive III,' a video projection referencing touchscreen gestures, coats the surfaces of the gallery. Its images fuse with photographic elements in the room, and collide with the footage on monitor screens—one presenting roving prism light, and the other, 'Belle Captive II,' a narrative woven from stock clips playing on a monitor."

Quotation above from: http://documentspace.org/victoria-vu-crossbar-radical-tick-scoop-star/

Victoria Fu is a 2014 Whitney Biennial participant:

2014 Whitney Biennial
March 7 - May 25, 2014
Whitney Museum of American Art
New York, NY


Images (1-3) January 31, 2014;
Copyright Paul E. Germanos.

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