February 20, 2014

2014: Carrie Schneider @ Monique Meloche

Above: Carrie Schneider with her single-channel video projection “Reading Women,” on January 11, 2014.
Carrie Schneider
"Reading Women"
January 11 – February 1, 2014
moniquemeloche gallery
2154 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL



"To create “Reading Women,” I asked 70 female friends – mostly artists, writers and musicians – to each sit while reading a book of her choice, written by a female author, in her own home or studio for the duration of two hours using side-by-side photographic and video cameras. There is something rare about the depth of concentration experienced while reading, and it’s this moment I’m after: when the sitter loses awareness of the camera – and any semblance of a pose – forgetting her cultural performance.

Whether she chose to read the hardcover first edition autographed copy of Angela Davis’ 'An Autobiography,' (1974) borrowed from her late grandmother, or chose to read (for the eighth time) the dog-eared, used paperback version of Virginia Woolf’s 'To the Lighthouse,' (1927) – the sitter, her choice of book and its author, become linked. To underscore the importance of this connection, each photograph is titled after the sitter, the author, and the title and publication year of the book itself. Cumulatively, the archive reveals a constellation of influences and knowledge among my creative peers."
- Carrie Schneider

Quotation above from: http://moniquemeloche.com/carrie-schneider-reading-women/

Above: "Dana reading Virginia Woolf (To the Lighthouse, 1927) from the series Reading Women (2012-2013)" (C) Carrie Schneider.
Image (1) January 11, 2014;
Copyright Paul E. Germanos.
Image (2) Press image, moniquemeloche gallery, illustrating still photography in exhibition;
Copyright Carrie Schneider.

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